Medicine with a conscience

At Austell, we believe there is a better way to serve patients’ healthcare needs. We adopt a more conscious and considerate approach, which is more value centric and less profit driven.

Austell was founded in 2005 with a single-minded goal of bringing “medicine with a conscience” to the world. We believe that patients and healthcare professionals deserve the best in healthcare, the best products, service and innovation. This is who Austell is. We are a healthcare Company dedicated to making a positive impact on patients’ lives and we achieve this because of our :

  1. Products: Is this the best product? This is the fundamental question that we answer before we bring a product to patients. We are relentless in our pursuit of the best products for patients. All Austell products are underpinned by clinical evidence which prove that our products are better than the current treatment approach, both for efficacy and safety.
  2. People: Liberation of talent is central to the success of Austell. Each person who joins our team is here for a reason. Not only  are they  talented,  but they have that something special, a sense of purpose and a desire to make healthcare better. We nurture talent… we channel that sense of purpose… and the result is an incredible team making a difference every day.
  3. Culture: This is our secret weapon. We are value centric, performance driven, brutally honest (with respect), innovative, passionate about our customers (external and internal) and we operate with unyielding integrity where our values will always trump profit. Our culture is sacrosanct and strongly protected.

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