About us

Who is Austell?

Our Vision: Medicine with a conscience

At Austell we are dedicated to providing products of the highest international standard, underpinned by clinically proven safety and efficacy. But we do so much more than to just provide patients with quality products- we believe in ensuring that each product that we bring to market, is done in good conscience. This means that a product is selected, launched and marketed with a constant focus to ethically fulfil patient healthcare needs.

Company History

Through our commitment to healthcare, Austell has grown for over 15 years to become the largest privately owned pharmaceutical company in South Africa. Austell is a proudly South African pharmaceutical company that is rapidly growing its employee base and has an extensive product portfolio with many products in the pipeline.

Local Research

Austell issues grants to universities for research and development projects in the medical field and invests into local clinical research initiatives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Austell sponsors medical students annually, donates medication to communities in need and is involved in diverse community projects. Austell invests in local medicine development through clinical reasearch projects.

Austell Logo - Medicine with a conscience